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Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)

This act is to provide for the imposition and collection of contributions for the benefit of the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Every employer and every employee to whom this Act applies must, on a monthly basis, contribute to the UIF.

The amount payable by an employee and employer must be 1% of the remuneration paid or payable to that employee by his/her employer during any month

Benefits of UIF are as follows:

  • Benefits paid at a rate of 60-38% of last salary
  • Maximum benefit period is 34 weeks and is based on an earnings ceiling
  • Covers over 7.6 million workers and 1.4 million employers

  • In order for a company to receive their UI-56 Certificate of compliance, the latest Tax Clearance Certificate is required.

Penalties of UIF:

  • If any contribution remains unpaid after the last day for payment thereof a penalty of 10 % of the unpaid amount is payable in addition to the interest contemplated

Claiming UIF:

  • Employers must register and pay UIF for workers as they must claim within six months after they stopped working
  • Staff at the labour centre may advise unemployed workers to visit the labour centre at certain times. Workers should do what they ask or they may not be able to claim

HR & Skills Market can assist with Unemployment Insurance Fund registrations and the UIF online system known as U-Filling.

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