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Labour Relations

The Labour Relations Act (LRA), aims to promote economic development, social justice, labour peace and democracy in the workplace. It also provides simple procedures for the resolution of labour disputes through statutory conciliation, mediation and arbitration (for which purpose the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration is established).

With HR & Skills Market labour relations consulting services we strive to provide and assist our clients with sound advice and knowledge in order to prevent and resolve problems involving employees which stem out of or affect work situations.

The gap between staff and managements oftentimes seems insurmountable to both parties and HR & Skills Market consulting services endeavour to assist through various forms of intervention, including problem-solving, mediation , training and counselling advice to find the balanced advocacy to management and individual employees to protect their respective rights and facilitate a more harmonious work environment.

We cover:

Advice on all aspects of industrial relations:

  • Disciplinary matters, dismissals and grievance procedures
  • Recognition agreements
  • Employment contracts, drafting of IR documents
  • Retrenchments and redundancy, meetings with shop stewards committees and union organizers
  • Labour legislation and labour law practice
  • Employment equities

Negotiations in respect of:

  • Annual wages, recognition agreements
  • Retrenchments and redundancy
  • Any collective issues raised by labour

Dispute Resolution:

  • Assisting directly with collective disputes, resolving general disputes such as individual dismissals and alleged unfair labour practices
  • Representation at CCMA and bargaining council dispute proceedings
  • Preparation for and representation of client at arbitration proceedings
  • Independent mediator and arbitrator
  • Drafting of dispute resolution structures
  • Fact finding and advisory awards

If you’re an employer, chances are, you’ll face labour disputes. HR & Skills Market can assist you with this challenging process. Please contact us for a free intial consultation.

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