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HR Audits

An HR audit, like a financial one, is something you should do at least once a year. A HR audit will reveal gap areas that can potentially lead to costly legal disputes and governmental fines.

Auditing your entire HR system regularly is the very best way to ensure all your processes, HR policies and procedures are in line with new labour laws.

Objectives and benefits of the Human Resource Audit:

  • The audit helps to ensure compliance with a variety of laws and strategic plans in an organisation
  • Besides ensuring compliance, the audit can improve the department’s professional image and contribution to the company
  • It also reduces human resource cost through more effective Human Resource procedure
  • It assists with uniformity of HR policies and practices, and reviews the HR department’s documentation and information system
  • It identifies gaps and short-comings in the policies and procedures of the HR department and identifies areas for improvement and suggests remedial actions
  • It identifies strengths and weaknesses in training, communications and other employment practices
  • It suggests measures and corrective steps to rectify mistakes or shortcomings if any

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The need for HR today is greater than ever. Research shows that due to the tremendous need to reskill employees and transform organisations HR solves some of the most pressing dilemmas in business today.

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